‘Sidiz Ringo’ Kids Desk Chair to Support Students Learning at Home

SEOUL, South KoreaSept. 23, 2020 – As learn-from-home policies instituted by governments, private companies, and schools have appeared all over the world, demand for comfortable chairs has also increased dramatically. Telecommuting and online classes are quickly becoming central features of a dynamic and evolving new socio-economic reality. Sidiz, a famous Korean ergonomic home-office chair manufacturer, is offering “Ringo” children’s chair, which utilizes an adjustable, rounded design to encourage healthy sitting habits for growing children.

Years of research and experience manufacturing ergonomically sound office furniture have been applied to Ringo. It has been designed especially for children who are studying at home, helping them sit comfortably at the right height with correct posture. Chair adjustment functionality includes:

  • Adjustable back seat and width suitable to diverse body types that conform to children’s growing needs.
  • Sit-brake casters that stop moving when the user is seated, helping children concentrate on activities at a desk
  • Variety of color options and a range of character-themed upholstered covers

Sidiz is well-known internationally for producing excellent chairs and is a leader in ergonomic desk chair design. Recently, Sidiz has recorded remarkable growth on Amazon USA with approximately 400% increased sales in the first half of 2020 compared to 2019. This growth is expected to continue worldwide as many customers await Sidiz.


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