Z by HP – The Home Workstation of the future is here!

Z by HP is powering the next generation of creators, makers, and home-based professionals. Z innovation means power, sleek design, flexibility, portability, and lots of WOW factor! For the home-based worker this means working any time anywhere without needing to sacrifice productivity and computing power. Let’s explore the latest Z innovations from HP.

As workplaces become more space constrained, there’s a greater business need for the smaller workstations like the HP Z2 Mini G5. The incredibly compact form factor resembles more a super computer from the future than a PC of today.

HP Z2 mini G5
HP Z2 mini
The octagon form of the “Z2 Mini” is the most uniquely designed HP Workstation in HP’s 35+ years of workstation history. It incorporates HP Z DNA throughout the product including extensive ISV certification and more than 368,000 hours of initial quality testing.

Perfectly designed for the work-from-home creators, the ultra-compact and aesthetically pleasing workstation provides users with numerous versatility options: on/under the desk, behind an HP Z display, or on a wall.

According to this review from VideoMaker, “Z2 Mini G5 offers 3x faster GPU rendering compared to the past model, the Z2 Mini G4. Also, the Z2 Mini G5 features 2x faster 3D graphics performance compared to the Z2 Mini G4. According to HP, the Z2 Mini G5 is the “The World’s Fastest GPU Rendering Mini Workstation” allowing you to save 40 minutes each hour.”

In addition to being a mighty powerhouse, the Z2 mini G5 is extremely flexible, making it an ideal PC solution for the home office based creator, particuarly those with constrained office and desk space.  The “mini” can be fixed and mounted in a number of convenient ways, including:

  • Behind your monitor
  • Under the desk
  • Rack mount

Got lots of peripherals? No worries… the “mini” comes with numerous connectivity options and external ports to ensure maximum productivity (see below)


If the sweet, octagonal design isn’t your cup of team, the Z workstations come in a variety of size and build options, including, the Z mini tower, Z2 tower, Z2 small form factor, and the Z4 Z6 and Z8 towers!

HP Z tower
HP Z tower

Finally, if workstations are a little more power (and size) than you think you need, don’t worry because the power of Z is also available in Laptops. Z power is enabling you to take your Z power anywhere you want! See the portfolio of ZBooks HERE

Working from home has come with many compromises and tradeoffs between desk space, compute performance, collaboration, and cost (and sometimes all of the above!). With our new generation of Z2 desktops, we offer space-saving form factors at affordable prices, all while boosting performance with NVIDIA RTX graphics and 10-core Intel CPUs.  ~ Jim Nottingham, General Manager and Global Head Advanced Compute & Solutions at HP


Note, if you still feel that a workstation is a little more “horse power” than what you need, HP has a host of solutions that meet the needs of most users, and most budgets! For example, wrote and published this article using a very handy and affordable HP Chromebook, and get this, I purchased the device over 4 years ago and it’s still flawless and dependable!

Author: Glenn Letham is the founder of gletham Communications and GISuser.com, a leading technology news publication for the mapping industry.

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